Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1. What Language Devices Does Barbara Jordan Use In Her Speech (e.g., Repetition, Metaphor, Simile, Alliteration, And So On)? Would The Stylistic Devices Be Effective To You? Why Or Why Not? List At Least Five Stylistic Uses Of Language.

1 . What language devices does Barbara Jordan use in her dialect (e .g adopt , fiction , simile , solelyiteration , and so on ? Would the rhetorical devices be strong to you ? why or why non ? disposition at least five stylistic uses of languageBarbara Jordan uses mevery an separate(prenominal) an(prenominal) repetitions in her speech (e .g . we believe-we believe , symbolism (Barbara Jordan symbolizes the discriminated Black tidy sum , record (e .g . race , sex , scotch go over , orgasm (e .g from misanthropical to angry to frustrated , Anaphora (e .g . we ar a community , par everyelism ( But there is something different roughly this evening . There is something special about tonight , metaphor (deafness ) and rhetorical question (If that happens , who then pass on speak for the States ? Who then will speak f or the common good ? stylistic devices are effective to me because first , they strongly melodic lineed an belief and that second it caught my forethought since they are more enkindle to take care to . In position , the five stylistic uses of language are to bring on powerful text , to make a wonderful and interesting text to catch reader s attention , to stress an cerebration by unconsciously /consciously penetrating the estimate , to shove and to appeal to emotion2 . How does Jordan celebrate the Democratic party ? What American value does she associate with the Democratic partyBarbara Jordan celebrates the Democratic Party by pointing it as the political party that most American false to when they looked for sweet ways to solve their problems and to uphold the principles of this nation (Jordan , 1976 . In other words , she describes the Democratic Party as a deliveryman of American problems . This is possible because of the Democratic Party s ideal of governance which believe that the people are the sour! ce of all governmental power and that the authority of the people is to be increase not restricted (Jordan , 1976 .
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The Democratic Party upholds the two American determine : equality for all and privileges for and blueprint . Equality for all and privileges for meant that distributively American are given the opportunity to be hear in a public forum and tough as equal no matter from what backgrounds they came from . There is no means then for discrimination arising from race , sex and economic condition . The second American value is the love for innovation . This meant that the American welcome change , and are willin g to drive for it , in to have a better future (Jordan , 19763 . Jordan does not move the opposition (i .e , the republicans ) which is customary in a keynote mention . Do you think this was a wise woof Why or why notBarbara Jordan s decision not to attack the Republican was a wise decision in captivate of the fact of her admission that their own party had committed many dislocates , mistakes which check to her are not motivated by any moot desire to destroy but a mistake of the flavour (Jordan , 1976 . If she attacks the Republicans then it just make their Party hypocritical and typeface them to more vicious counterattack from the Republican Party...If you insufficiency to lay down a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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