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An academic essay on characteristics of a good contrast and geological properties of UAE Introduction: A seed may be repaird as an artificial lake or pond to set up water or any other geological merchandise such as inunct or gas. Speaking of a good germ, there atomic number 18 in the main three characteristics that destine the productivity of a origin. Those are composition and purity of crude, constitution and strength of drive mechanism, and the character of the reservoir rock. Other electric razor factors include depth of the reservoir, reservoir orientation and complexity. All those factors are listed be let loose, and principal(prenominal) ones are discussed in details in the later(prenominal) part of the essay. * frequent characteristics: 1. Depth 2. Pressure 3. Temperature * Geological characteristics: 1. Diagenesis 2. Structure * Engineering characteristics: 1. pudding head integrity 2. Spacing roo tage rock characteristics: The general innovation on reservoir may be a delusory one since many pack think that they are the metro pools of oil. In truth, reservoirs may be defined as the subterraneous expanses of rock with saturated oil and water filling up the pore spaces and fractures of the rock. They are more(prenominal) of a rock sponges rather than take out jugs. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Two nigh important traits of reservoir rocks that can presume the production and toll are porosity and permeableness. They de landmarkine the join of hydrocarbon trapped in the reservoir and besides the rate at which hydrocarbon can be gained during primary production. Pore spac! es determine the enumerate while permeability determines the flow rate. Sedimentary rocks are prevalent while fervent or metamorphic can also be denotation of reservoir. Porosity cutoff is a term used to define minimum porosity that is considered viable from an economic standpoint. Porosity cutoff varies according to stone. While the percentage is 8-10% for sandstones, it goes vanquish to as low as 3-5% for limestones. Most productive reservoir rocks are the...If you regard to get a full essay, mold it on our website:

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