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'Unilever Product Life Cycle\r'

' grounding •William Hesketh pry founded open Brothers in 1885. •In the beginning as muck manufacturer but later diversified in to pabulum and personal c be harvest-feasts. •Unilevers corporate centers atomic number 18 London and Rotterdam. W exclusively(a)s’ Introduction •Walls introduced in Pakistan in 1997-98. The harvest line consists from lollies to nut case scrambles. This includes Cornetto, Callipo, Max, Kulfis, Top Ten Choc hold ons, Feast, milky Way and etc. •Unilever committed its own resources to generate ‘Polka and consolidate the glass cream food trade for jimmy Brothers Pakistan.\r\nLow geartrain and reputation as a multinational forbidding chip give Lever ready entree to capital at profound attend to pedigree crop •Magnum! huuuuuuuuuuuuu •Magnum was introduced in fifteenth of June,2001 •Effective weights of mass audience advertising in public displayed in the summer landscape, would str engthen consumer attachment to the sign and develop strong associations with the summer season •The commencement premium- tonus scratch cream to enter the adult thirst market.. ;l • yield look Cycle If integrity looks at a category, the intersection life cycle seems to be an important determinant for all sorts of decisions • mostly a crossway should be kept in the harvest-feast stage as long as realizable. •Magnum’s Life cycle •Magnum is in the growth stage. Due to the amount of aw atomic number 18ness in the market, and the sales figures crossing soft touchs, the crop apprize be seen in the growth stage. On the PLC, market growth is alike associated with increase in sales. This leads to the market becoming more than than hypnotic. Cycle-Recycle Pattern •The Cycle â€Recycle Pattern is follow because of seasonality of the sale. In Eid, euphoric New year, Valentines day,Christmas and other seasonal events the sales fol low pleasant upward trend repayable to the new flavors and varieties introduced by the mansion. •Total caliber counselling •Its all about ever breastworkricading eminence i. e ever improving quality. •The quality of the product should be increase with the passage of time to keep customers as well induce new customers. Magnum’s TQM Introduction of new Magnum’s shape depart certainly improve the quality because of inclusion of â€Å"choco-topings”. The new Cup will increase the apprise to the customer because of its â€Å" get through away” facility. pricing? ” •Magnum’s TQM Again •Since Magnum is a premium choc bar and people argon stipendiary the premium to get this premium choc bar ,the TQM does wargon a great vitality in this context. •Magnum is imagination as a superb quality choc bar that’s why people wouldn’t agree on the quality . •They know â€Å"they are pay for th e best” •Forecasting and Demand Management •The crosspatch cream market is varyicularly influenced by the die hard and Wall uses a defy index to aegir conditions for sales •Also during peak seasons like Eids, Happy New Year and Independence Day regard is luxuriously and rices are lowered so as to deal with the other rivals prevailing in the persistence . Magnum’s sales forecast •In terms of Magnum, this seasonality is comparatively low. This is because Magnum is an impulse purchasing item . •In examining the seasonality one must consider the stain market of Magnum. Will these people refrain from having a magnum in cold weather? •The variation in sales will not be as towering or drastic as other ice creams or categories. •Positive Aspects for sales •Pakistan’s population growth rate is almost 2% per annum. • urbanization trend on the boom i. people are generate towards lavishlyer life standards of living in cities. •Growth in GDP/capita reflects in the use of goods and dish ups pattern of the people. •Improved level of law and lay conditions results in more FDI’s hence an attractive market. Product and Product Mix •A product is anything that can be offered to a market to execute a unavoidableness and and want of the customer. •Product includes opposite product levels which are, •Core benefit: The fundamental service or benefit that the customer is really obtaining •Basic product: the marketer has to turn the karyon benefit into basic product.\r\nLevels of Product •Expected product: A set of attributes and conditions buyers normally expect when they purchase the product. •Augmented product: Augmented product office things beyond the expectation. •Potential product: which encompasses all the possible augmentation and transformation Magnum’ Levels •The core benefit of the Magnum are merriment and the indulgence •The basic product is the premium Choc Bar •Expectations are related with the Magnum is that it would provide that quality others can not. •Potential product,introduction of Magnum in new jar. Product concoction •Product mix is the set of products the company is pass to the customer. •Product mix includes, width, length, depth and consistency. •Magnum’s Product Mix •Unilever is the parent company and it operates in many a(prenominal) businesses like tea, soaps, shampoos etc. this includes in width • distance includes opposite products of the walls like Magnum, Feast ,Cornetto etc. • foresight includes variants of the similar product like Magnum, Feast, Sunday all are chocolate related items. •Unilever product lines are consistent because most of them are consumer goods. SBU Strategies •Almost all(prenominal) business unit of Unilever including Walls holds a lion’ take in their r espective markets. •For Magnum. hold strategy is let and its holding by the firm. Corporate and division strategical planning •Mission rehearsal •The Mission Statement underlines the dedication to the satisfaction of the e rattlingday needs of the customers. • eccentric is priority in all senses. •We are the part of the golf club in which we operate. •Our Vision is â€Å"Touching wagon changing life” Boston Consulting Growth hyaloplasm •Star •Question Mark •Cash affright Dog Internal environment Analysis •Strengths •- soft touch Image •- • mug recall is high •- • whole step is one of the best in the market •Weaknesses • triple discolorations in that locationfore lack of focus •Unhealthy competitor in the corporate culture External Environment Analysis Opportunities: †Westernization of Pakistani Society †No conduce controversy except Quanta Relat ively good growth of market •Threats: •- Threat of bigger rival in the next two years •- Instability of Pakistani Political system Marketing Alliances Promotional Alliances\r\nThe strategic alliance by the Walls with leading fast food corners like KFC and Pizza Hut outlets was an attempt to stir their product. • Marketing Channel •These paths are inborn to move product from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the consumer’s house. •Firms hit options to decide levels of channels I. e how many channels does it want to include in the distribution of its product. •Walls’ Channels •Walls’ uses multi level channel marketing. •Walls uses feeble head worded integration. •Walls’ sales men whirl in the streets of the metropolis on their lorries ,I. e direct marketing. Walls’ own supplier make its product available to consumers. •Pull and moil Strategies •The painstaking music p roduce by the revolution lorries of WALLS let its voice count ,pulling the kids to pull their parents. •The role of billboards and print media is a device to push up the target customer. •Promotional Tools •In Pakistan, icing-Cream industry competition may be healthy but there are very few sends to name. •Companies have to entreat for their market share and use various strategies from footing to promotional, which could make them leader in the market. •Firms try to compete on the basis of quality, uniqueness and tick off name Magnum’s Promotion •The most commonly use are the major(ip) media that includes billboards and posters in the display media •The retailers were provided with fire refrigerators by the Walls to motivate them •Since the logo of Walls was endorsed on these refrigerators,the shop was promoted as well. •Pricing • Historically, for most products price has been the major factor affecting the bu yer choice • frost cream companies’ pricing decisions are influenced by twain internal as well as outer factors. •Pricing •Internal Factors •Survival •Company’s objectives •Market Profit Maximization Market leadership •Product Quality •External Factors •Economic Factors •governmental rules and regulations. •Social concerns. •Resellers. •Pricing Strategies •The management of the Magnum uses â€Å" outlay tribute Strategy”. •The notion of â€Å"Self betise”transferred the brand advertising doctrine to brand experience I. e â€Å"have a bite please”. • toll doesn’t matter to target consumer of Magnum. •Whats wrong with the Price! •Its is said that â€Å"Magnum is too expensive” •It is thoughts as a reason of minimal sales. •There are relatively inexpensive choc bar exists. •Price is not the task! The Magnum is targeted to the people of elite elucidate , high in the socio-economic ranks. •The target set for Magnum’s sales have achieved up to maximum extent. •Lowering the price will appropriate its supremacy and satisfaction level may decay because of this move. •Marketing Management Philosophies •The philosophies speak about the different strategic behavior adopted by the firm to sell their product. •The philosophies are adopted in the frontmost inte lays of consumers. •Magnum’s Marketing Philosophies •Product concept , disclose the quality and the product attributes the go bad will be the sales. Selling Concept,pushing and pulling consumers time and again , inducing them to buy Magnum, otherwise it will be leftfield •un noticed. •Marketing Concept,better than that of competitors in satisfying customers’ needs the better will be you share in the market. Magnum’s Marketing Philosophies Customer conce pt,provide customer what he wants at the price you want The customers decide what we serve to them. social Marketing,Walls started a lead to keep the environment wanton in the northern areas to preserve them •Brand closing •Creation ,maintenance ,protection and enhancement of a brand is an art. Brand is a symbol,name,term,design or a system or amalgamation of them. •It’s a marketing irradiation and tactic. •A promise by seller to support specific set of features and values to the buyer •Brand Equity •High brand awareness of Magnum as a member of Walls’ family. •Magnum possess high full point of brand preference. •Customer is satisfied with the brand and abandoned to it . •Customer doesn’t want to change the brand over price issue. Brand Building Tools The campaign inaugurated by the Walls to â€Å"Save the environment” added privileged to the Walls as well its family.\r\nWall’s â€Å"He art brand” captures the enthusiasm of the young and the young-at-heart, laying claim to 72% of the frozen desserts market share in Pakistan. Analyzing Competitors •By knowing our Competitors we may be able to foreknow their next moves, exploit their weaknesses and undermine their strengths •Who are your competitors? •What customer needs and preferences are you competing to meet? •What are the similarities and differences amid their products/services and yours? Magnum’s Competitors •Competitors for walls in general are many; in fact they include all the ice cream providers. For Magnum we would like to define our competition strictly in terms of the target market. In this definition we would consider the product category level. major(ip) Competitors •In this list we consider iglu Quanta to be our main competitor due to similar attributes of the product and a very similar target market. •For the heading of analysis we will grou p the competitors into two. First we would dispute our main competitor i. e. Igloo Quanta and then the rest in one group Who Is The Competitor •Igloo Quanta •Moven Pick Ice cream •Snoopy Ice cream parlor •Gelato Affairs Ice cream parlor •Igloo Dip Shop import Ice creams like Hagen Dazz, Dove, and Galaxy available at places like Aghas Stake Holders •At Unilever we are give to meeting the everyday needs of people everywhere. •We move into in the well being of the society ,we harp and work •Touching hearts by changing lives RESOURCES •Unilever committed its own resources to acquire ‘Polka and consolidate the ice cream market for Lever Brothers Pakistan •Low gearing and reputation as a multinational blue chip give Lever ready access to capital at good terms to fund growth. •In the local ice cream market not many have the capability to institutionalize in completely new technologies. Financial assets of more tha n RS. 7 BILLION. Human Resources • race are the impetuous force for success. •HR initiatives focused on back up empowerment and transparency in the organization. •E-town project brought the chairperson and top team to everyone’s desktops via live blow video and allowed employees to address their concerns to the panel via a rattle on server. Resources •Me and U,an interactive HR portal that brings employee information to to everyone’s desktop. •Child Day Care center allowing employees to have their infants in close proximity under very best care\r\nResources •Distinctive Capabilities advantage. •Walls has a weather index that helps in describing peak seasons for selling ice creams. •Sharp market sensing. •Intimate linking with the customers. •Strong channel bonding. Organization and it’s Culture •Uni Lever ,a wordy organization. •Highly headmaster Organization with the highly professio nal people. •The society is the family and look after of family is my own state Market Segmentation The Magnum has segmented the market on the basis of income ,social and economic class and esteem level.\r\n gauzy marketing strategy has been adopted focusing on the smaller but elite segment of the society as well as of market. Psychographics Segmentation Life style The people from the A/A+ class are considered for customer ship. Personality People having high level of esteem ,standing high on the need hierarchy pyramid. Behavioral Segmentation Occasions The Magnum focuses on the occasions when somebody wants to rejoice himself by himself. â€Å"I hate somebody nobody hates me! I spot somebody no body loves me” Self Indulgence is the underlining theory. Loyalty Status\r\nHard Core Loyals. scar MARKET •Magnum focuses on the focal ratio niche market. The upper class segment is whom we want to buy our product. •These are people who wouldn’t brainiac spending •Rs 25 for an ice cream; rather they would impulsively buy the product whenever they go out for a chock up or something. •Magnum is â€Å"Just for You” •The concept of sharing is not embedded Target Market •Target market people from the ages of 18-30, upper class, possessing a very high set of self esteem people •People who have style and don’t mind spending more for better quality, brand value etc\r\nMarket position An art of designing the product of the company and it’s image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. Positioning is not what you do to the product. Its what you do to the mind of the panorama Market Positioning •Marketing aligning means how the customer rate your product in comparison with your competitors. •The firm should offer a important value to its customers to sustain the positioning of its product. Magnum’s Positioning Attribute Positioning For self immode ration user Positioning\r\nAppealing to stylish people Quality and Price Positioning High price for the high quality Magnum’s Positioning Since a Rs 25 choc bar is quite prestigious bar,so people observe good when buying the Magnum. The higher the price the higher will be the quality & the higher will be the satisfaction level. People rank it as a premium brand with priceless quality Marketing Research System •Walls has its own segment for Marketing Research. •Primary Data is provided by Sales team. •Secondary Data is gathered from publications and other sources.\r\n'

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