Monday, November 20, 2017

'Tragic Hero in Antigone'

'A, tragic gunman, is de okayd as the main source of a tragedy, that is furnish with a tragic flaw. Tragic flaws atomic number 18 fatal flaws, much(prenominal) as spendthrift pride or, in many cases, stupidity. These flaws produce about the ruination of a hero or heroine. In the play, Antig one and only(a), there ar many characters that are tragic heroes. Antigone, has many flaws, and is the most persuade tragic hero.\nAntigones spate is determined in the prologue. We learn that her brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, boast killed each other, in a struggle all over their fathers throne. Creon, the parvenu king, declares that the body of Eteocles go away be honored, small-arm Polyneicess corpse allow for be left field to rot. Declaring that anyone who attempts to lapse Polyneices, testament be executed. Antigones, flaw, is her allude distinguish for her brothers. contempt Polyneicess betrayal, Antigone doesnt believe its average that Polyneices body be left to rot. Antigones enraged devotion is displayed when she declares that shell eat up Polyneices, despite Creons law. Ill still bury him./It would be fine to die speckle doing that.\nShe pridefully goes to Polyneicess body, denigration dirt over his body, providing him with a cause of burial. Once Creon learns that Antigone is the one who has broken his law, he threatens her to death. Antigone stands by her pride, in a shameful revolt against her feature uncle, and ruler of the shoot of Thebes. She believes shes through the right thing. In the end, Antigone finds herself locked in a tomb where she is conjectural to die, instead Antigone hung herself.\n numerous people wouldnt consider Antigones actions, flawed. Pride and family pick out are estimable traits for anyone to typically have. However, Antigones devotion is excessively extreme, and leads her to death. It is the severity of her pride, and love for her family, that brings about her ingest downfall. She sacrifices her own feeling in the cite of it. At times, she eventide expresses a intensity to die because of i... '

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